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2008-11-01 11:20:50 by Mister-Monker

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Thot I'd toss this up here cuz this track is way to ill for Bill or Jill. SPM all day buurdies.



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2008-12-04 15:52:29

STFU Billy. Serious, that's the mufukkin' Dope House, you can't touch it. Screw himself respected SPM enough to screw up the whole Power Moves album. That album had mufukkin' Bushwick Bill on it, you can't get more respect in the H than that. Screw, Bushwick, SPM, all mufukkin' day. Good to see someone else who has taste for underground music. I'm from Texas and I sign off on this shit.



2010-06-17 02:33:36

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